About Us


I am on the highest of the tee boxes, surrounded by familiar faces

In the bottom below I see some of the others

Across the creek and headed up the hill are the rest

And I think "Who are We?"

I want to focus on the ball

But my mind keeps repeating "Who are We?"

We are Doctors, Businessmen, Engineers

We are Educators, Grandfathers, Fathers, and Sons

We are Laymen and Professional

We are Blue Collar, White Collar, yet really no collar at all

Tied so very tightly together

Mere Children playing a game that is hundreds of years old

We are a group with a past as rich and colorful as Frank's Park

As straight and true as a shot ripped down Freddie's Alley

And with a future as promising as new Zoysia in March

We are driven by a burning desire for Saturday's golf

And yet we will willingly give it all back and more for the Christmas

smiles of children we will likely never meet

So....Who are We?

We are known by many names

We are Papaw and Virgil, Tom Paul and Dale

Preheat and Hot, Hennie and Hugo

Doctor Mitchell and Doctor Jones and Yes, THE Doctor

We are Quick Bob, Kegs, and the World

But mostly we are and forever with be teh DEWSWEEPERS!!!!!